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Sampless™ Sachet – A Recyclable Alternative to Standard Cosmetic Samples

We will pack your cosmetic and food products into sustainable and ecologically conscious sample packaging or single-dose sachets.

We typically respond within one business day.
Sachet packaging

Main Ecological Benefits

Less waste
Sampless™ sachets are made of mono foil which is designed for recycling.

Less carbon footprint
Compared with conventional multi-layer foils used in the cosmetic industry, the manufacturing process of Sampless™ foil reduces the emission of CO2.

Less packaging material
Sampless™ packaging is about 20% lighter than standard sachet foil (PET/Alu/LDPE).

Other Benefits

Wide range of applications
Suitable for packaging of different cosmetic products such as creams, oils, gels, shampoo, serum, and more. It is also certified for packaging of food products in powder or liquid form.

Low minimum order quantity
MOQ is only 5000 sachets/product. This enables almost any cosmetic brand to promote their products in a sustainable and ecologically conscious packaging.

Keep your products fresh
Sampless™ sachet is a barrier packaging. It protects packed products against oxygen, water vapor, and light.

Cosmetic samples packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between standard cosmetic sachets and Sampless™ sachets?

Sampless™ sachets are made of mono foil (PP) while standard cosmetic sachets are made of multi-layer foils (usually PET/Alu/LDPE or PET/Alu/PET/LDPE).

Sampless™ sachets are lighter, designed for recycling, and less CO2 is emitted during their manufacturing process. They can also contribute to a circular economy. Standard cosmetic sachets are the opposite.

Sampless™sachets are made of barrier foil. However, as they do not have an aluminum layer, the barrier property against oxygen, water vapor, and light is lower in comparison with non-recyclable sachets with an aluminum layer.

Is Sampless™ sachet biodegradable?

No, it is not. However, Polypropylene, the material used in making Sampless™ sachet, is recyclable and this way it can contribute to a circular economy.

Is Sampless™ sachet suitable for food products?

Yes, Sampless™ sachet is designed and produced to comply with the current European food contact legislation. It incorporates only raw materials approved for this use and it is produced according to Commission Regulation (EC) No 2023/06/EC on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Is the Sampless™ sachet recyclable?

Sampless™ sachet is designed for recycling. This means it is designed for collection, sorting, and recycling using end-of-life processes technically available even if the relevant infrastructure is not yet in place.

What is the Sampless™ sachet made of?

It is made of polypropylene monofoil. Its resin identification code is 5 for PP.

What is the shelf-life of products packed into Sampless™ sachet?

Generally, it is expected that the shelf-life of packed products is between 6 – 12 months (depending on the packed product).

However, a compatibility test is needed to determine the exact shelf-life of a packed product.

Is Sampless™ sachet suitable for liquid and powder products as well?

Yes, it is suitable for packing cream, oil, gel, and ointment products. It can also be used to pack powder products such as food supplements, proteins, collagens, and so on.

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